Donkey Kong 64 Bingo

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About DK64 Bingo

This is a "Bingo" board for Donkey Kong 64 races.

To win, you must complete 5 of the tasks in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

The seed number is used to generate the board. Changing the seed will make a new board.

You can click on the squares to turn them green and red. This may help you organize your route planning.

Rules for DK64 Bingo:

Basic Rules:

  1. Start from a new file and Hit A on GO!
  2. You are done when you complete the Final Goal.
  3. In almost every case, this is when the final GB/banana/key/crown/etc. touches you.
  4. To avoid any confusion, if you are turning in blueprints for GBs, they do not count until the Kong starts their dance and the GB counter appears.
  5. Intro Story Glitch (ISG) and Golden Banana duping are banned.

Square Clarification:

  1. Activate all warps in...: You must hit BOTH warps of each number. This includes warps in side temples such as the llama temple in Aztec or the crypt side areas in Castle.
  2. For Banana Coin goals, you must have the appropriate Kong unlocked for it to count. For example, if you have '25 Coins with Tiny' as a goal, you can't simply collect 5 Rainbow Coins. She must be freed as well.
  3. No Warps (Bananaport): You may not use any of the 1-5 warp pads (although activating them is fine).
  4. Bonus Barrels are only the ones that leave a GB upon winning. Training Barrels or Helm minigames do NOT count.
  5. Complete 4 Coin-Collecting 'Courses': You must complete any four of the following: Car Races, Beetle Slides, Minecart courses and the Seal race.
  6. Spawn K. Rool Ship: You must cause the ship housing the final K. Rool fight to appear by turning in Keys 3 and 8.
  7. Open K. Rool's Mouth: This refers to the 'mouth' of Crocodile Isle and turning in Keys 6 and 7.
  8. When asked to collect GBs in a specific area (i.e. 5 Door Temple), blueprints collected there do NOT count.
  9. Vulture GB/Owl GB: You must obtain the GB that appears as a result of completing the Rocketbarrel Ring courses in Aztec and Forest, respectively.
  10. Tile Flipping GB in Crystal Caves: You must win Lanky's minigame in the small castle in Crystal Caves.
  11. Chunky's Seasickness GB: Obtain the GB in the Galleon ship that causes Chunky to become seasick.
  12. All Caged GBs in Jungle Japes/DK Isles: Even though there are numerous caged GBs in these levels, this refers to the five in Japes you normally collect by pounding on switches near Cranky and the five in DK Isles behind gates that you normally need the Kong's gun to obtain.
  13. DK Isles Summit GB: You must Rocketbarrel up to the top of Kong Isle and complete the Bonus Barrel there.
  14. Pound the X GB in DK Isles: The GB that appears when you Simian Slam the platform with an 'x' on it as Hunky Chunky.
  15. Beanstalk GB: Complete Tiny's bean quest in Fungi Forest.
  16. Ballroom GB: Obtain Diddy's GB in the Creepy Castle Ballroom.

DK64 bingo by Cfox7, Znernicus, and Bismuth. SRL Bingo v5 by Cosmo.