API and RaceBot update

We are now able to support races way larger than we previously have been able to. The API has been tested under load with up to 250 entrants, and we experienced only minimal slowdowns.
This is in comparison to previously, where the API would slow down exponentially when entrants in a race reached 85 or above.

While this shouldn't bring any new issues while racing, we encourage everyone who experiences problems to please inform an operator in #speedrunslive or e-mail us at staff@speedrunslive.com


Optimized the race/entrant/player based API calls.

Addressed some bugs within the ranking system in order to enable recording of larger races.

Added regressive recording, wherein if the trueskill algorithm fails to calculate a race, it will attempt to scale back the entrants starting with last place finishers and won't remove people who forfeit or were disqualified for that race.

SpeedRunsLive staff - September 11th, 2014