SpeedRunsLive Season 2

SRL Seasons are finally back, and with a brand new format!

Season 2 will consist of nine games and run for approximately three months. Games are revealed on a weekly basis, requiring players to learn and optimize their speedruns as efficiently as possible to prepare for the official season race one week after each reveal. At the end of the main season, a final bracket featuring the top 16 players and all nine games will take place to determine the champion.

Season 2 begins on March 18 with the reveal of the first game. The first week of the main season takes place on the weekend of March 24-25. The ninth and final week takes place on the weekend of May 19-20. All matches in the final bracket will be played on the weekends of June 2-3 and June 9-10.

Main season races take place at 2pm EDT every Sunday. An early race will also take place at 8pm EDT on Saturdays for those who are unable to attend on Sundays.

Full Details

At the beginning of the season, one game and category will be revealed. Players will be given one week, between the reveal of the game and the day of the race, to practice and learn the category. At the end of the week, two races of this category will take place. Players can join either one of these races and will earn points based on where their time ranks in the combined results of these races. If a player joins both races, their second result will be ignored. Upon completion of the second, Sunday race, the game and category for the following week's race will be revealed.

After the ninth and final race, the 16 players with the highest scores overall will compete in a final, single elimination bracket and will be seeded based on their total number of points in the main season. Each player's worst two scores in the main season, which may include weeks they did not participate in, will be voided, and their best seven scores will be used in calculating their total number of points.

All matches in the final bracket will be best-of-3. Games for each match will be selected by using a striking system, similar to how stages are selected in Smash Bros. tournaments. The striking system works as follows: the higher seed in each match will eliminate one of the nine eligible games. The lower seed will eliminate an additional two games from the remaining eight. The higher seed will eliminate an additional two games from the remaining six. The lower seed eliminates one of the remaining four games. The higher seed selects one of the remaining three games to play in the first round of the match. In the second round of the match, the second seed selects one of the remaining two games to play. If the match goes to a third round, the remaining game is used for the final race.

The winner of the final bracket is the season's champion. A third place match will be played by the two players who lose their semifinals matches. All other placements of the top 16 players are equivalent to where they place in the bracket.

Streaming is required in all races. All other standard SRL racing rules apply.

Game Information

Games, categories and all race results will be added to the Seasons page as they are revealed throughout the season. Additional information may also be added as needed.

All featured games will be easily accessible and streamable. Most - but not all - of these games will compatible with keyboards and controllers that do not have analog sticks. Note that if a player is unable to play a game due to controller or hardware limitations, they will still be fully capable of participating in and even winning the season without playing the game at all due to how the season is structured.

All categories will involve completing the entire game. Categories will generally be between 20 and 40 minutes long for a well-versed runner.

Games will vary in terms of popularity, speedrun community size, and speedrun documentation.


The winner of season 2 will be awarded a Nintendo Switch, a Pro Controller, and a custom dock shield. Second place will be awarded $100 in value from a selection of Steam games. Third and fourth place will be awarded $50 and $25 in Steam games, respectively.

The top four will also be awarded SpeedRunsLive t-shirts. The winner of the season may have their username printed on the shirt if requested.

Additionally, the winners of each of the nine main season races will be given $20 in Steam credit.

All physical prizes will be shipped to the recipients' addresses following the end of the season.

The official SpeedRunsLive Discord will serve as a hub for all discussions around Season 2, as well as future events and content. Thank you all for your continued support, we hope to see you join many of the races and have a great time!

SpeedRunsLive staff - March 2018