Get Yourself Speedrunning: A Series of 3 Weekly Post-SGDQ Races

You wanted it, you've got it! Get Yourself Speedrunning returns immediately after SGDQ 2016, bringing you 3 HUGE races with live commentary coverage, as well as comprehensive tournaments to keep the action going throughout this summer and fall. As always we've made sure to choose 3 games which we feel make excellent speedruns, and which we think will appeal to both existing speedrunners who want to branch out, and potential runners looking for a solid game idea to start out with.

For those who can't join, we are going to be re-streaming some of the top runners of the game on our Twitch channel, featuring commentary by some of our favorite hosts in the community. Details on each race are as follows. Featured racers may change pending any last minute surprises.


Game: Super Mario 64
Goal: 70 Star
When: July 16th, 2pm EST / 6pm GMT
Goal clarification: Start by resetting console, .done on final star collect after Bowser.
Rules: Skips using BLJ or Mips Clip not allowed. Any language allowed. Wii VC is allowed.
Final lineup: Cheese05, Simply, Puncayshun, Biinny. Commentary provided by Snowman and Spikevegeta.
Tutorial resources: Basic movement guide by Simply here and here. Individual level guides here.

Game: Diablo II
Goal: Beat Act 2 (any class)
When: July 23rd, 2pm EST / 6pm GMT
Goal clarification: Start on character creation, .done on taking ferry to Act 3.
Rules: Global SRL rules apply.
Final lineup: MrLlamaSC, Teo1904, Kano, RyuQuezacotl. Commentary provided by Nightfallx2 and Golden.
Tutorial resources:
Note: While there is no class restriction, the Diablo 2 community HIGHLY recommends a new player use one of the following magic-based builds, and not a physical-based build.
Fireblast/Wake of Fire Assassin - Example
Firestorm/Fissure Druid - Example
CB/Nova Sorceress - Example

Game: Super Castlevania IV
Goal: Beat the game
When: July 30, 2pm EST / 6pm GMT
Goal clarification: Start on name creation, .done on final orb collect after Dracula.
Rules: All skips and glitches allowed.
Final lineup: JoeDamillio, Furious Paul, TheMexicanRunner, JustDefend. Commentary provided by Puwexil and Golden.
Tutorial resources: Stages 1-3. Stages 4-7. Stages 8-B.

We want to make these races as big as possible, and you can help us by putting this small banner in your Twitch bio, and linking it to this news post:

Join the Get Yourself Speedrunning races every Saturday from July 16th - 30th @ 2pm EST / 7pm GMT, and help to make them as big as possible!

Streaming is required for all 3 races. The race will take place on our IRC server. If you're not sure how to get started, you can use the step-by-step guide in our FAQ. You can also join on our IRC server if you have any questions about using our racing services.

Diablo II CD-Key Contest

To help us welcome as many entrants as possible, Blizzard has graciously donated us with 25 CD-keys for Diablo 2 and its expansion! We will be holding Twitter raffles to release them, so please follow our Twitter for your chance to win!

Please note: In order be eligible to win, you must have retweeted the tweet, be following our twitter, AND you must have a valid account on with at least one VOD streamed. By winning a key you are expected to join the race, and so we will be checking that any winners meet this criteria.

If you don't win a key but want to join the race, you can buy Diablo II and its expansion together for $20 from the Blizzard store.


Like last time, we will be featuring a double elimination tournament for each game. These tournaments are open entry, meaning that people of all skill levels are free to join. The tournaments from last GYS were a huge success, capping out at 63 players! If you're thinking about it, give it a try! These tournaments are open entry, meaning that people of all skill levels are free to join. If you're thinking about it, give it a try! More details can be found on the individual tournament pages below:

Super Mario 64
Registration closes Jul. 17
Tournament begins Jul. 20

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Registration closes Jul. 24
Tournament begins Jul. 27

Super Castlevania IV
Registration closes Jul. 31
Tournament begins Aug. 3

And of course, keep your eyes peeled for Mystery Tournament 9 coming up soon! The idea of the event is that when a player signs up, he or she submits a small set of games into a large game pool. As entrants compete in 1v1 races, they pull a game from this pool. You never know what you might get, and that's what makes it perfect for veteran and novice speedrunners alike! Information on registering for MT9 will come shortly after SGDQ 2016.

Thank you all for your continued support, we hope to see you join the community and Get Yourself Speedrunning!

SpeedRunsLive staff - June 28th, 2016