Get Yourself Speedrunning: A Series of 3 Weekly Post-AGDQ Races

At this point, everyone is familiar with Awesome Games Done Quick. Every successive year, the marathon brings in not only more money for charity, but also more viewers who have never seen speedrunning before.

It's almost tradition that following the event, speedrunning forums, chat servers, and twitch channels are swarmed by users all asking the same question: "Hey this speedrunning thing looks fun, how can I get involved too?"

We want to provide this opportunity. Every Saturday from Jan. 17th - Jan. 31st, we are going to host a race of a competitive yet newbie-friendly game. Each race is open to anyone who'd like to enter, whether they are the record holder or have never touched a controller before.

For those that can't join, we are going to be re-streaming some of the top runners of the game on our twitch channel, featuring commentary by some of our favorite hosts in the community. Details on each race are as follows. Featured racers may change pending any last minute surprises.


Game: Super Mario Bros 3.
Goal: Any% Warpless
When: Jan. 17th, 2pm EST / 7pm GMT
Goal clarification: Start on title screen, .done after door entry following Bowser.
Rules: Allstars version is allowed. No using whistles (but you can collect them). Glitches banned: wrong warps.
Final lineup: Kirua, WhenChukAttacks, Outside_Lutz, CujoIHSV. Commentated by duckfist, Golden, Spikevegeta. (Last updated 1/21/15)

Game: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Goal: Master Sword
When: Jan. 24th, 2pm EST / 7pm GMT
Goal clarification: Start on char select screen after file entry. .done after touching Master Sword.
Rules: S&Q allowed. Glitches banned: EG, YBA, OoB.
Current lineup: Xelna, wqqqwrt, Acmlm, Jadin. Commentated by Tompa, Golden, Spikevegeta. (Last updated 1/21/15)

Game: Sonic 2
Goal: Beat the game
When: Jan. 31st, 2pm EST / 7pm GMT
Goal clarification: Start on title screen, .done on screen fade to black after final boss.
Rules: No S&K cart. Zips allowed. Stage select allowed to return to your last stage.
Stage select: At the title screen, select Options. Highlight Sound Test then play the following music and sounds: 19, 65, 09 and 17. You will hear a ring-collecting sound for correct code entry. Then press START to return to the title screen. Highlight 1-Player, hold the A Button and press START.
Current lineup: werster, TimpZ, MastaKirby, Sonicboom737. Commentated by AlecK47, Golden, Spikevegeta. (Last updated 1/21/15)

Streaming is required for all 3 races. The race will take place on our IRC server. If you're not sure how to get started, you can use the step-by-step guide in our FAQ. You can also join on our IRC server if you have any questions about using our racing services.

We want to make these races as big as possible, and you can help us by putting this small banner in your Twitch bio, and linking it to this news post:

Join the Get Yourself Speedrunning races every Saturday from Jan. 14th - 31st @ 2pm EST / 7pm GMT, and help to make them as big as possible!

SpeedRunsLive staff - December 30th, 2014