Update: We now support logging in to speedrunslive.com using the nickname that you have registered on IRC. This FAQ has been rewritten to reflect these changes.

What does registering mean?

To be able to log in to the site or to start racing, you must register your nickname on our IRC network.

Once you register a nick on the IRC network, only you are allowed to log onto that name. You will need to use this specific nick for any future races, and for logging into the site, so choose something you plan on sticking with. It does not have to be the same login that you use anywhere else.

How do I register?

To register your nick, see the appropriate Getting Started section in the FAQ.

We also have a video tutorial available made by Twig which you can find here.

Note: It is highly recommended that you type any /nickserv commands below into the console window of your client, rather than an actual chatroom. This eliminates the possibility of accidentally sending a message containing your password to an entire chatroom.

Do I have to register to be a part of the community?

You are free to log onto the main #speedrunslive channel, or any other channels on the IRC server, with an unregistered nick. However in order to join a race channel, you must be logged in to a registered nick.

Furthermore, if you'd like to edit your personal settings or customize your front page, you will need to log in via a registered nickname.

Why do you require registration to race?

Registering your nick is beneficial for both sides. For the user, it ensures that only they may use that nick, and provides additional options such as being able to take control of the nick if it is erroneously connected.

For SRL moderation, it helps to ensure that each user only races on one nick.

Is this login also used as a login for the SRL website itself, my Twitch account, or anything else?

The login you create is unique to the SpeedRunsLive IRC and website. It is not used for any other sites.

Is it possible for my nick to become "un-registered"?

If no user logs onto the nick for a year, the nick becomes un-registered and available to anybody.

If the nickname becomes un-registered on IRC, we will still retain any information that you have saved while being logged in to the SRL website, such as your pinned players and games.

Can I reset my password in case I forget it?

If you forgot your password, you can request an e-mail with instructions to reset it by typing the following in our IRC server: /nickserv resetpass nickname e-mail. The e-mail may be filtered by your spam filter.

You may also change your password by logging in to your previously registered nick on IRC and typing /nickserv set password newpassword.