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100%A run with a completion requirement of collecting 100% of the items. In games without a percentage counter, the community decides what parts of the game are important enough to count towards 100%. Not all games lend themselves well towards a 100% definition.
AmaRecTVA free capture program that may be found here. Using AmaRecTV as a video source for streaming works well and enables lossless video capture and streaming simultaneously. Highly recommended over Pinnacle if you use a Dazzle.
Any%A run with no additional completion requirements; anything goes. The "default" category for speedrunning a game. The term comes from the old school Metroid speedrunning community. Metroid has a percentage counter, while other games may not, but the term stuck around.
Autofiresee Turbo
BlindHaving no experience with or beneficial knowledge of a game before running it.
BufferingA game allowing you to input an action while another is still going on. For example, in Commander Keen IV if you shoot and then hold jump, as soon as the shooting animation is over he will jump on the first possible frame.
Bugsee Glitch
Capture CardA device used to capture your TV screen for purposes of streaming or recording.
CategoryDifferent rulesets or completion requirements for a game. Typical categories would be any% and 100%. Typical restrictions might be 'warpless' or 'glitchless.' Some games do not fall neatly into percentage based completion requirements, so the categories should be named differently (such as 120 star for Super Mario 64).
Damage BoostIntentionally getting hit in order to gain extra speed/height or to pass through enemies/obstacles quickly.
DazzleA brand of capture card. This capture card is standard definition, and has a lack of support for audio drivers (AmaRecTV is one solution).
Death WarpIntentionally dying to save time, usually by avoiding backtracking.
EmulatorSoftware that runs a game outside of its original console. Oftentimes emulators come with extra features that were not present on the original console, such as frame advance and save states. These functions are not allowed in races.
EzCapAn inexpensive brand of capture card (standard definition).
FMLE / Flash Media Live EncoderStreaming software (can be found here). A free alternative to XSplit, though harder to set up. If you're using FMLE you may be interested also using SCFH DSF to stream a screen region.
FrameThe time it takes for the game to update the screen and poll input, typically 1/60th or 1/30th of a second, but can vary.
Frame AdvanceAn emulator function to stop the game and creep forward frame by frame. This can be used to get the exact input necessary for certain difficult techniques. This is not allowed in races.
Frame PerfectA technique in a game that you only have a 1 frame window to successfully pull off.
Game TimeUsing a timing system that is provided within the game itself. Game timers sometimes do not count time spent on the pause screen, in menus, or during loading, so the timers often to not accurately represent real time.
GlitchUnintentional mistake in the game's code, often exploited.
Input LagA delay between you performing an input and seeing it happen on the screen. Some HDTVs have significant input lag, as well as things like playing the game using a capture device without splitters.
LagSlowdown when too much is happening for the system to handle. Lag might be caused by many things, such as being in a specific part of the game, having a lot of enemies onscreen, or using certain camera angles.
Lag ReductionTechniques to avoid lag from occuring (e.g. using specific camera angles, killing certain enemies, avoiding spawning extraneous objects).
Low%A run that completes the game with the bare minimum lowest percentage. This can take a lot longer than an any% run, depending on the game. This is not a worthy category for many games, and is definitely rarer than similar categories such as 100%.
Luck-BasedA strategy that is influenced by the RNG, preventing it from being consistant. Some extremely precise tricks may also be called "luck-based" simply because of the low success rate, despite having nothing to do with RNG.
Luck ManipulationA TAS technique to get good luck, which manipulates the RNG by doing things such as waiting for the right frame, attacking on certain frames, or moving in certain ways. Rarely, this is possible to do in real time in some games.
NicoVideoJapanese site that has videos and streaming. Has a speedrunning community.
Non-TASDone in real time without emulator functions.
NTSCThe non-European version of a game. Runs at the full intended speed, unlike some PAL games.
ManipulationSomething done by the player to control the outcome of the game's events (e.g. item drops, spawn locations, enemy behavior).
MashPerforming an input repeatedly, as fast as possible.
OoB / Out of BoundsTo go outside of the playing field of the game. Sometimes vaguely defined.
Overflow & UnderflowA memory glitch that can be taken advantage of sometimes. For example, in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night you can use a glitch to equip a salable gem while you have the 'Sell gem' menu open. This lets you sell a gem while you have 0. Afterwards, you have 255 gems.
PALThe European version of a game. On older consoles, PAL games may run at 5/6ths speed, making them unrecommended to speedrun with.
Pause BufferBuffering using the pause function of the game. Only applies to some games.
PR / Personal RecordA person's best time in a category. Also called "PB / Personal Best."
Re-RecordsHow many times a save state was loaded in the making of a TAS.
RNG / Random Number GeneratorThe function in the game's code responsible for creating random events.
ROMThe game as a file, to be read by an emulator.
RTA / Real Time AttackA speedrun done in real time.
Runsee Speedrun
Save StateAn emulator function that saves the current state of everything in the game, which can be reloaded at will. Not allowed in races.
Save WarpSaving and reloading to save time, typically to avoid backtracking. Similar to Death Warp. On SRL, all time spent reloading the game counts towards the final time.
SCFH DSFScreen capture program, for use with FMLE.
SDA / Speed Demos ArchiveHost of tons of speedrun videos & host of awesome marathons. http://www.speeddemosarchive.com
Sequence BreakDoing something out of order in the intended sequence of events of a game.
SegmentedA way of minimizing game time by redoing sections of a speedrun over and over.
Single SegmentA speedrun that never loads a save.
SpawnLocation and time where objects appear. Spawns may be random, fixed, or manipulatable by the player.
SpeedrunPlaying a game with the intent of completing a goal as fast as possible.
SRL / SpeedRunsLiveA site where players speedrun in direct competition with others, live.
Sub-PixelWhen a game tracks position more accurately than down to the pixel. Sometimes relevant when attempting various sequence breaks / glitches.
TAS / Tool Assisted SpeedrunAn input file created to play back what an optimal speedrun would look like, in an emulator.
TASVideosThe largest TASing website. http://www.tasvideos.org
TurboA third-party controller or emulator function that allows a button being held down to count as being pressed repeatedly as fast as possible. Not allowed in races.
TwinGalaxiesOld school world record authority for arcade game highscores.
TwitchTV / JustinTVLive streaming website. Most speedrunners use this site to live stream their gameplay.
TWR / Tied World RecordA record in a game that tracks the time/score internally, which has been tied by at least one other person.
UStreamLive streaming website. A few people still use UStream for their speedrunning attempts.
UWR / Untied World RecordA record in a game that tracks the time/score interally, that nobody else has achieved.
VC / Virtual ConsoleThe Wii's official emulator.
WADA Wii channel, as a file. VC games are WADs.
WarpA secret method of skipping past some of the levels/worlds in a game. Typically found in older games.
WR / World RecordThe fastest time in the world for a category.
WSplitThe most popular timer program for speedrunning. It tracks how far ahead or behind you are of set checkpoints. Supports icons, custom colors, and has different display formats. Created by Wodanaz of SDA.
XSplitThe most popular streaming software.
ZipA 2D game's wall ejection routine sending the player character through the wall rapidly.