The Complete RaceBot Command List  En Jp Fr Sp

.startrace game main channel

This opens a new race for people to join.

Note this uses the game's abbreviation, not the full name. You can find the game abbreviations on the game pages.

.startrace Super Mario 64

.startrace sm64

If you're starting a race for a game that has not been raced yet, make an abbreviation that makes sense.

Don't start a race until you know at least one other person will join the race. Ask around!

.enter race channel

Type this to enter the race.

.unenter race channel

Removes you from the race.

If a race is in progress, you cannot unenter. You must .quit instead.

.entrants race channel

Shows the full list of entrants and their status in the race.

.ready race channel

Use this to ready up.

Once everybody in the race is ready, the race will begin.

.unready race channel

Use this if you are no longer ready.

.time race channel

Checks the elapsed time of the race.

.goal race channel

Checks the goal of the race.

.setgoal goal race channel

Sets the goal of the race.

A goal must be set before players may ready up.

.setgame game race channel

Changes the game of the race.

This command can be used to fix mistakes when creating a race.

It can also be used after .rematch to change the game.

.done race channel

You type this command once you have successfully finished the goal of the race.

Do not type this command unless you actually finish.

If you do not want to finish the race, use .quit instead.

.undone race channel

Use this command if you accidentally did .done early, or if you .quit and want to continue playing.

.quit race channel

Use this command if you no longer intend to finish the race.

If you leave a race channel for too long without quitting, you risk being disqualified.

.comment comment race channel

You may leave a comment on a race that you finished participating in. Limit is 140 characters.

.rematch race channel

Once a race is over, you can use this if you intend on racing again.

Once a rematch is initiated you can .setgoal if necessary.

.races main channel

Checks which races are going on.

.setstream url all channels

Use this to set your stream on SRL.

Example: .setstream

.streamoption option all channels

Configures your stream to show up on the SRL front page per the corresponding option:

  • on: You will always be displayed.
  • auto: You will automatically be shown or hidden based on certain keywords in your Twitch title. Please see the edit profile page for a full listing of keywords.
  • off: You will never be displayed.
  • races: You will only be displayed while you are in a race on SRL.

Example: .streamoption auto

.stream name all channels

Gives the stream url of the requested name.

.settwitter twitter all channels

Use this to set your Twitter account.

.twitter name all channels

Gives the Twitter account of the requested name.

.setyoutube account all channels

Use this to set your YouTube account.

.youtube name all channels

Gives the YouTube account of the requested name.

.filename race channel

Gives a randomly generated 2 letter filename after the countdown.

This is typically used for proof purposes in games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Requiring entrants to use the generated filename ensures everybody starts at the same time.

Voice Commands

.queue main channel

Gives the list of completed races that have yet to be ended/recorded.

.record race channel

Use this to record completed races.

Before you record a race, make sure everything is in order.

.end race channel

Use this to kill a race.

Races can be ended if everybody in the race agrees to end it, if nobody joins, or if the goal is inappropriate.

.dq name reason race channel

Grounds for disqualification:

  • an entrant who breaks the rules of the goal
  • an entrant who cheats outright
  • an entrant who disappears for too long without quitting

.remove name race channel

Removes an entrant from a race.

If a race is in progress and an entrant needs to suddenly leave, they should quit the race instead of asking to be removed. If a race is being held up by somebody who never readied up, then removal would be appropriate.

.creategame game Full Game Name all channels

Adds a new game to the database.

Don't create a game until it is ready to be recorded.

You can use this command to change the Full Game Name if was already created.

.purge name all channels

User will be temporarily hidden from the SRL front page per our warning system. Should only be used to moderate non-speedrunning content.