About #speedrunslive

#speedrunslive is currently where the actual races take place. The IRC bot "RaceBot" lets you set up races and tracks your statistics.

You must always use the same nickname in #speedrunslive. Make sure to pick a name and stick with it. If you come in as "mib_xxxxxx" it will say you are banned.

Please be courteous, but most of all, come and join in the fun!

If you need help with the race commands, please click here.

You are required to register your nickname before you race. Please read the following FAQ and guide for more information.

IRC information

New York— irc.speedrunslive.com
Amsterdam— irc2.speedrunslive.com
Channel— #speedrunslive

It is highly encouraged you use mIRC or another IRC client of your choice, instead of this widget.

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