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SluipLead operator, IRC & server admin

BlechyLead operator

GarrisonIRC op

SumichuIRC op

StaukenTeamleader for back-end development



bjwIRC halfop

bonyIRC halfop

CVagtsIRC halfop

KiruaIRC halfop

PrierIRC halfop

something915IRC halfop

AcmlmIRC voice

bangerraIRC voice

BelthasarIRC voice

ChristosOwenIRC voice

CrescentEXEIRC voice

darkman78IRC voice

doicmIRC voice

duneaughtIRC voice

ElminsterIRC voice

freeball1IRC voice

GenocidalIRC voice

GoldenIRC voice

LiteYearIRC voice

neskamikazeIRC voice

prinnyIRC voice

quoIRC voice

Samura1manIRC voice

theevilisbackIRC voice

SimmonsIRC voice

TrogdorIRC voice

usedpizzaIRC voice

was0xIRC voice

XelnasIRC voice

ZaeloRaeIRC voice

MundunguSRL Seasons front-end code

IvanGSBack-end development

joeCoded JOPEBUSTER, bugfixed RaceBot

izuJapanese translation

Narcissa WrightCo-founder, designer, helped code front-end

bmnHelped code the original streams page

TRVHelped design the original database

Daniel "Jiano" HartCo-founder, coded RaceBot and front-end site

Zach "puchiedarcy" LaymanServer admin, developer of the SRL API